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Top Spot for the Fastest Chase Ball in IPL History

In the inaugural season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Mumbai Indians made history by achieving the fastest chase in IPL ever against KKR. This remarkable feat has secured their place in IPL history. This article delves into the exciting game, highlighting important moments. It also focuses on standout performances that led Mumbai Indians to this record-breaking feat.

fastest chase in ipl

Top 10 Fastest Chase in IPL

The IPL's fastest chase balls aren't just about raw pace. These are tales of bold strength, strategic skill, and steadfast resolve. Powerful hits and sixes mark them. Let's explore the achievements of these cricket legends. We'll also look into the deliveries they mastered.

1. Jofra Archer - The Audacious Flick

(153.3 kmph vs Andre Russell, 2018 Final)

With the IPL trophy close at hand, Archer encountered Russell's blazing 153.3 kmph yorker. Undisturbed by pressure, the Barbadian speedster casually flicked the ball over square leg for a boundary. This showcased his tremendous power and timing. This bold move secured the victory for Rajasthan Royals. It also solidified Archer's position and the fastest chase in IPL history.

2. Kieron Pollard - The Brute Force Maestro

(152.5 kmph vs Lockie Ferguson, 2020)

When it comes to sheer power, Pollard reigns supreme. Facing Lockie Ferguson's 152.5 kmph delivery in 2020, the Caribbean powerhouse smacked a straight drive. It sailed over mid-wicket for a six. This bold demonstration of sheer power propelled Mumbai Indians to victory. Establishing Pollard as a formidable finisher.

3. Shane Watson - The Master of Technique

(151.0 kmph vs James Faulkner, 2012):

Known for his unwavering consistency, Watson faced James Faulkner's searing 151.0 kmph yorker in 2012. With flawless footwork and a subtle flick of the wrist, Watson dispatched the ball for a six over deep square leg. This shot wasn't just about power. In fact, this showcased Watson's mastery of technique and his ability to handle blistering pace with finesse.

4. Chris Gayle - The Universe Boss Conquers All

(150.8 kmph vs Mitchell Johnson, 2013)

When Gayle confronts fast bowling, boundaries vanish. In 2013, facing Mitchell Johnson's thunderous 150.8 kmph yorker, Gayle casually flicked the ball over long-on for a six. This bold move showcased the Universe Boss's dominance. It demonstrated that even the swiftest deliveries are just appetizers for his power-hitting artistry.

5. Andre Russell - The Muscle Maniac Unbound

(150.7 kmph vs Lasith Malinga, 2012)

Russell stands out as an unusual figure in the bowling world. When he's at bat, even the fastest deliveries turn into mere irritations. In 2012, against Lasith Malinga's 150.7 kmph yorker, Russell casually flicked the ball over fine leg for a six. This easy show of power conveyed a message. It emphasized a key point. A sheer pace wouldn't control the Muscle Maniac's raw strength and unyielding self-confidence.

6. David Miller - The Last-Over Maestro

(150.3 kmph vs Avesh Khan, 2023)

On the final over, Punjab Kings gasped for 19 runs against Lucknow Super Giants. Avesh Khan hurls a fiery 150.3 kmph yorker at Miller, the king of last-over finishes. However, with ice-cold precision in his gaze, the South African pulls the ball over deep square leg for a massive six. The crowd goes wild as Miller, the master of clutch moments, clinches an exciting victory for Punjab. This once again proves that his calmness under pressure shines brighter than any yorker.

7. Eoin Morgan - The Captain's Calculated Audacity

(150.2 kmph vs Kagiso Rabada, 2019)

The Eden Gardens roars, Kolkata Knight Riders clawing back against Delhi Capitals, needing 12 off the final six deliveries. Rabada, the pace predator, unleashes a searing 150.2 kmph yorker aimed at Morgan's toes. Yet, the English captain, a picture of composure in the midst of chaos, casually executes a perfectly timed pull over deep mid-wicket for a six. The Delhi crowd hushes as Morgan, the bold-spirited leader, secures the victory. It emphasizes that his cricket intelligence is as profound as his composed demeanor.

8. Shubman Gill - The Rising Star's Debut Fireworks

(150.1 kmph vs Jasprit Bumrah, 2023)

In his first intense IPL experience, young Gill confronts the yorker master, Bumrah, with 9 runs required from the last over. Bumrah delivers a blazing 150.1 kmph missile, aiming for Gill's stumps. However, the youngster, displaying remarkable composure and a wrist movement beyond his years, launches the ball over deep square leg for a six. The Chinnaswamy Stadium roars as Gill, the emerging star, introduces himself on the big stage with a shot that showcases his bold talent.

9. Quinton de Kock - The Blitz from the Top

(149.8 kmph vs Basil Thampi, 2017)

In their pursuit of Gujarat Lions' total, Delhi Daredevils rely on their fearless opener, de Kock. Thampi, the young fast bowler, charges in with a thunderbolt clocking 149.8 kmph, targeting de Kock's middle stump. However, the Proteas star, known for his trademark aggression, forcefully pulls the ball over deep mid-wicket for a six. This bold shot sets the tone for his explosive innings. It reminded everyone that de Kock is the dynamic force at the top. He thrives on surpassing expectations and sparking the chase right from the start.

10. AB de Villiers - The Magician Defies Gravity

(149.6 kmph vs Mohammed Shami, 2016)

The Chinnaswamy Stadium buzzes with excitement as Royal Challengers Bangalore chases Delhi Daredevils' score. Shami, the Delhi spearhead, hurls a 149.6 kmph yorker at de Villiers, the wizard with the bat. However, defying physics and logic, de Villiers scoops the ball over deep backward square leg for a six. The crowd gasps in amazement as Mr. 360°, with his unconventional brilliance and steadfast belief, clinches a dramatic win. This proves that his magic transcends even the fastest deliveries.

Exceptional Performances

As Mumbai Indians began their innings, the onus was on their top-order batsmen to set the tone for the chase. Sanath Jayasuriya, a legendary left-handed batsman, and Sachin Tendulkar, the iconic Indian cricketer, opened the innings for Mumbai Indians. Their partnership laid the foundation for what would become a memorable run chase.

Both Jayasuriya and Tendulkar displayed a masterclass of strokeplay. They took on the KKR bowlers with finesse. The team kept the required run rate well in check, flowing with boundaries. The foundation set by the openers was crucial, allowing the middle order to build on the momentum.

Harbhajan Singh, known for his prowess with both bat and ball, played a crucial innings in the middle order. His calculated aggression and ability to rotate the strike ensured that Mumbai Indians remained on track in the chase. The momentum kept swinging, but Mumbai Indians maintained their composure, inching closer to the target.

As the match reached its climax, Ambati Rayudu and Shaun Pollock provided the finishing touches to the innings. Rayudu's aggressive strokeplay and Pollock's experience under pressure proved to be the perfect combination to seal the historic chase. Mumbai Indians reached the target with plenty of balls to spare, securing the top spot for the fastest chase in IPL history.


Cricket fans remember the showdown between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders in the first season of the IPL as a crucial moment. Mumbai Indians' record-breaking chase secured the victory for the fastest chase in IPL history. It captured the essence of the game. T20 cricket—full of excitement, unpredictability, and the ability to shift momentum. This historic match serves as proof of the enduring appeal of the league. It provides fans worldwide with an exciting mix of competition and entertainment. The IPL's dynamic nature was vividly demonstrated through Mumbai Indians' skillful pursuit. It influenced subsequent seasons with its strategic impact. As cricket enthusiasts stay engaged with the ever-evolving IPL, this iconic chase remains a symbol of the league's competitive spirit. It highlights the relentless pursuit of success and the thrilling style of cricket that has turned the IPL into a global phenomenon.

These are just a handful of the stories behind the fastest chase in IPL history. Each stroke is a testament to the batsman's unique skillset and the pressure-cooker environment of the tournament. From Archer's calculated audacity to Pollard's brute force, Watson's technical mastery to Gayle's effortless dominance, and Russell's raw power, these deliveries paint a vivid picture of the diverse cricketing talent that graces the IPL.

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