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MGM Odisha T20 2021: Follow the Cricket Action

Cricket in Odisha haODIs entered a new phase with the start of the MGM Odisha T20 2021 Women's tournament. This event is a significant advancement in Odisha's cricketing landscape. It provides a stage for female cricketers to showcase their skills, dedication, and love for the game.

The following presents the standings chart for the MGM Odisha Women's T20 2021. The tournament took place from January 22 to February 1, 2021, at KIIT Stadium in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

mgm odisha t20


Points Table and Team Statistics

This table summarizes the performance of each team in terms of total runs scored, centuries (100s), half-centuries (50s), and wickets taken during the MGM Odisha T20 2021 tournament.

Most Run Statistics

The Odisha Women's T20 2021 tournament happened from January 22 to February 1, 2021, at KIIT Stadium in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It featured intense matches among five teams: Odisha Red, Odisha Purple, Odisha Violet, Odisha Yellow, and Odisha Green.

Looking at the matches and points, Odisha Red stood out with 7 wins out of 9 matches, earning 24 points and securing the top spot. Odisha Purple and Odisha Violet also did well, both getting 20 points each.

Individual player stats show impressive performances from players like Anjali Singh, Sushree Didyadarshini, and Sarita Mehera. They excelled with both bat and ball.

The tournament showcased the competitive spirit and talent of women cricketers in Odisha. It indicates promising growth and development in the sport in the region.

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