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Pakistan's cricket team has played several matches in India, including during previous ICC World Cups. However, the issue of Pakistan playing in India for ICC World Cup matches is complex, with several factors at play.

One of the primary reasons for the reluctance of the Pakistan cricket team to play in India is the political tension between the two countries. India and Pakistan have a history of political conflict, which has also spilled over into sports. The two countries have engaged in several wars, and there have been numerous instances of cross-border terrorism, which has resulted in strained relations between them.

Another reason Pakistan has had issues playing in India for ICC World Cup matches is security concerns. There have been instances in the past where the Pakistan cricket team has faced security threats while playing in India. In 1999, the Pakistan team was forced to return home mid-tournament after a bomb blast near their hotel in Delhi. In 2011, the Pakistan team faced security concerns during the ICC World Cup semifinal match in Mohali.

Furthermore, the cricketing relations between the two countries have also been affected by the suspension of bilateral cricket ties between India and Pakistan since 2012. The bilateral cricket ties were suspended due to the political tensions between the two countries. As a result, the two countries have only played against each other in ICC tournaments or Asia Cup matches held in neutral venues.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has warned the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) regarding India's potential absence from the Asia Cup 2023 matches in August-September. The PCB has threatened that if India does not participate in the Asia Cup hosted in Pakistan, Pakistan will not travel to India to play in the 2023 World Cup matches in October-November.

A source from the PCB has indicated that the Pakistani team is looking to avoid playing their World Cup matches in India altogether. Instead, they consider Bangladesh or Sri Lanka as alternate host countries for their matches. However, an official statement has yet to be released by the PCB regarding this decision.

According to PCB's sources, Pakistan will not travel to India for the 2023 World Cup matches. Instead, they want their matches hosted in Bangladesh or Sri Lanka. It was reported that India would be playing their Asia Cup 2023 matches at a neutral venue, indicating they may not be willing to travel to Pakistan. The game will be played at a neutral venue if India and Pakistan qualify for the final.

The current situation has raised concerns regarding the upcoming cricket matches between India and Pakistan. The tensions between the two nations have often affected their cricketing ties. The decision to play in neutral venues could further strain their troubled relationship.

The Asia Cup, an international cricket tournament, has been a topic of concern for the cricket boards of India and Pakistan. The match is scheduled for September this year, with India and Pakistan grouped with a qualifier. However, the possibility of India not participating in the tournament has been raised due to various issues, including security concerns.

A hybrid model for the Asia Cup is being considered as a solution to address this issue. This idea was brought up during board meetings in Dubai, where members from the Indian and Pakistani cricket boards were present. The idea is still in its early stages, and formal discussions have yet to occur. However, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has noted that India's absence from the Asia Cup could potentially impact the ICC Champions Trophy 2025, which is also scheduled to be held in Pakistan.

Last year, the PCB was surprised by Jay Shah's announcement that the 2023 Asia Cup would be held in a "neutral" venue. In response, the PCB stated that Pakistan would withdraw from the competition if it moved outside the country. This year, Asian Cricket Council (ACC) chairperson Jay Shah indicated that India would not travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup due to security concerns and that the tournament would be played at a neutral venue, which will be decided in the second round of the Executive Board meeting of ACC members.

The Asia Cup is an important tournament for the cricketing community in Asia, and the participation of both India and Pakistan is crucial for its success. The hybrid model being considered could resolve the issue of India's involvement while ensuring the safety and security of all players and officials involved. However, further discussions and deliberations are required before making a final decision.

In conclusion, the issues faced by Pakistan in playing in India for ICC World Cup 2023 are complex and multi-faceted, with political tensions, security concerns, and the suspension of bilateral cricketing ties all playing a role.

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