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Who designed the Scotland cricket team jersey for T20 World Cup?

A 12-year-old Rebecca Downie designed the Scotland cricket team jersey. Cricket Scotland selected her design from more than 200 entries submitted by schoolchildren.

scotland cricket team jersey

It's amazing that a 12-year-old girl designed the Scotland cricket team jersey for the competition. Out of over 200 submissions from students across the country, the team chose her design. The shirt's colors are inspired by Scotland's national symbol, the thistle. Be sure to grab the official Cricket Scotland T20 World Cup uniform! Designed by the talented 12-year-old Rebecca Downie, this shirt is a must-have for every Scotland supporter.

Scotland Cricket Team Jersey Designer Meets the Team

Before they departed for Oman, Rebecca gave them the new gear. She met the team at the Edinburgh match against Zimbabwe as a special guest with her family.

Out of the more than 200 designs that students across submitted, the team selected hers. Rebecca Downie is a Haddington native. Before departing for the World Cup, Downie gave the squad their new uniform. The 12-year-old met the players during the Edinburgh game against Zimbabwe, when she and her family were invited guests.

The squad was "really proud" of the Scotland cricket team jersey design, according to Scottish captain Kyle Coetzer. "Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca and her family and seeing her in the new shirt. The squad is quite pleased with the design, and we intend to live up to it by doing well at the World Cup. He stated, "We hope the fans will like the new design and wear them proudly as they support us from home."

“I was so excited when I heard I had won the competition, I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy to see the shirt in real life, it looks brilliant! It was amazing to meet the team and watch them play against Zimbabwe. I will be wearing my shirt and cheering them on in every game in the World Cup,” Downie was quoted by 'Cricket and More' as saying.

Scotland Against Papua New Guinea in 2021 T20 World Cup

Scotland defeated Papua New Guinea by 17 runs to win their second straight game in Group B of the round 1 fixtures, which was a significant step towards qualifying for the Super 12 stage of the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup. In their opening match of the tournament, they had defeated the favorites, Bangladesh. On Tuesday, Cricket Scotland thanked Rebecca Downie, a 12-year-old girl who created the team's uniform for the competition, on Twitter for her support of the squad by watching the matches on TV. Together with the article, they also included a picture of Rebecca sporting the jersey.

Then, in 19.3 overs, Kyle Coetzer's team put on an outstanding bowling display to dismiss PNG for 148, with Davey (4/18) finishing as the most outstanding bowler. After losing twice in a row, PNG thus had to withdraw early from their inaugural T20 World Cup campaign.

They have dropped their opening match by a margin of ten wickets against Oman.

With 166 to win, PNG needed its batsmen to step it up, but they were quickly down to 35 for 5 in 6 overs as they failed to gather any pace. Kiplin Doriga (18) and Norman Vanua (47) then rallied, scoring 53 off 29 balls to give optimism, but Watt ended the partnership by getting rid of the latter in the 17th over.

The Rise of Fan-Designed Jerseys

The Scotland cricket team's jersey design competition was not an isolated event. It resonated with a growing trend in international sports. Teams are increasingly turning to fan-created designs for their jerseys. This shift reflects the desire to create a deeper connection with supporters. It also aims to build a stronger sense of community around the team.

Rebecca's story has inspired other sports organizations to consider similar initiatives. From football clubs to basketball teams, there's an increasing awareness of how fan-created designs can instill a sense of ownership and pride among supporters.

The Future of Scotland Cricket Team Jersey

The story of Rebecca Downie's winning design serves as a powerful reminder. It reminds us that anyone, regardless of age or experience, can contribute. This contribution extends to the legacy of the Scotland cricket team jersey. Cricket Scotland's future design competitions could encourage fans to submit ideas for limited edition jerseys, commemorative designs for specific tournaments, or even innovative training gear. This continued engagement with the fans will ensure that the Scotland cricket team jersey remains vibrant. It will continue to symbolize the nation's cricketing spirit.

Looking ahead, future Scotland jerseys are likely to strike a balance between tradition and evolution. The iconic Saltire and national colors will undoubtedly remain core elements. However, there is room for innovation in terms of material advancements and subtle design tweaks. There is also potential for incorporating elements inspired by future design competitions or fan feedback.

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