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If you are a online casino player, we’re pretty sure that you have favorite online casino game. Did you know that the game you chose speaks volumes about your personality type? For the most part, those who play casino games online or in person at a casino have at least one trait in common - a desire to compare their skills or luck with that of the house.

Let's take a closer look at what kind of casino player you are by seeing which games you enjoy the most.

Ideal for newcomers and anyone who likes to relax

Slots are the games that most players are likely to master before moving on to other higher stakes games, in part because they are the quickest to learn. Slots only provide entertainment but also a means of social interaction without requiring a large outlay.

Online slots are even more appealing to beginners. Indeed, when playing online slots, you can play through the demo options and find a game that suits you best.

Slot machine games are perfect for people looking for a distraction without investing too much time or money. They are easy to play, fun, visually appealing and pay out often enough to keep the game exciting.

Games that unify players

Since your hand or bet can often benefit other players, craps and roulette are considered games that unite players around the table. These players are considered energetic, rambunctious, and often the most outspoken at the casino table games. The uncertainty of both games draws adrenaline junkies to the table, along with the idea that they can beat the odds on a grand piano and a prayer to Lady Luck.

If the result suits you, your teammates will celebrate your victory. And if you lose, they'll be sad with you too - until the next player wins and the celebrations begin again.

The game for the brainy players

Blackjack is a game for the most meticulous players because the player must follow both the dealer's cards and those of other players. In fact, it is known as one of the most reliable casino games.

Bets are placed before the hand is dealt and the first round of cards are dealt face up to the players and face down to the dealer. The second round is dealt backwards. Based on the cards dealt, players can decide on a course of action: hit the pair, stand, double or even split. They are also very happy to welcome new players to the table and show them around.

Casino characters

Aside from the games you play, there are specific mindsets that gamers exhibit in both online and land-based casinos. These fall into these four categories:

The New Guy - This player isn't brand new to the floor, but he may not be confident enough to try the high-stakes games and will most likely play slots.

The big show - This gamer is there to play and have fun playing online casinos - they are there to play bigger stakes too. When the game gets too repetitive or boring, they can place a big all-in bet to spice things up.

The Chosen One - This gamer believes in luck. They have a lucky charm or a special place where they sit in the casino or at the table. This player knows the games, but may care less about tactics or strategy and more about luck.

The professional - He is the player who has everything and everyone in view. They know exactly what they're doing when it comes to their game of choice. It is equally important that they bet wisely and manage their bankroll wisely.

If you feel like flirting with Lady Luck, you can go to a casino or just sign up to play online at a casino. 11IC hosts a wide variety of online casino games that are as easy to play as they are fun. Register here to play and find out which game you are attracted to.

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