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There are Three formats of cricket performed in international level, Test matches or Test Cricket, One-Day Internationals(ODI) and Twenty20 (T20) Internationals. These matches are executed under the rules and regulations authorized by the International Cricket Council that also arrange match officers for them.

Cricket is a unique sports with three formats of the game to the highest level. In this article, we will explained the three formats of cricket and how it works. Check this out.


It is a format of cricket with the prolonged match duration and thought-out as the games highest standard. Test matches is a traditional form of the game, which has been performed since 1877 and first played between Australia and England at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It is played among national representative teams with “Test status” that are determined and given by the International Cricket Council(ICC). They are called Tests because the teams need to display endurance, quality, and technique in different conditions to perform well in the format. Test matches was settled in a five days format, which two teams of 11 players play a four innings match each.


It represent the One-Day International, which is played between the teams at the International level and one of the older format in cricket. It is a pacier format which begun in 1971 but captured popularity from the 1980s. The ODI matches is performed for a total of 50 overs in which both of the teams bowl and bat in 50 overs and it was completed in around 8- 9 hours. The Cricket World Cup is played in this format and mostly held every 4 years. In this format, the baller obtain 10 overs to bowl, and three Power play in total which takes place in the ODI format. If the teams gets tied, each team gets 1-1 point each.


T20 Internationals is named as the short game format in cricket, which was brought in by the England and Wales Cricket Board at year 2003. It is the latest format in cricket in which the match is played for 20 overs in total. T20 matches is completed in 3-4 hours and each innings can last in 90 minutes, depends to the condition of the match. In this format, each baller obtain four overs in total and there is single Powerplay. In addition, if the match gets tied with some reason, both of the groups get a super over, and the group who makes most runs in super over, declared as the winner.

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