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When it comes to online poker, even the best players sometimes find that luck just isn't on their side. For this reason, poker isn't about winning every game, it's about improving your overall poker win rate. Let's explore ways to improve your poker win rate that you can incorporate into your online poker tournament strategy or casual online poker game.

Find the right table

Whether you play in person or at online poker sites, you want to find the best table where you can play against the right opponents. If you want to win more often, you need to assess whether the people at the table are below, equal to, or above your skill level. Less skilled players than you mean easier games and the possibility of increasing your total winnings.

Identify the fish

Even if everyone is less skilled at a game of poker than you, there will always be someone who will be "the fish". This term describes someone who just isn't very good at the game. For example, they make mistakes like misjudging their hand strength and raising too much, or they become too predictable, making them easier to read for more experienced players. These players have done little or no research on the game, they haven't even read the most popular poker strategy books.

Once you've identified the fish, you'll need to pressure them to help you win some easy pots or set traps for them so they think you're the fish, so get them for what they want to be worth it!

Stop investing so much in poor hands

You don't have to read an online poker guide to know that some hands are better than others. While many players know which hands are weak and which are strong, players often overestimate the value of mediocre hands. You can be misled into thinking that these are good hands or that you have to play them often.

Make sure you're not easily predictable

Being unpredictable is undoubtedly one of the most important skills that separates the best from the rest. A player who only responds to strong hands will cause all other moderately decent players to fold every time - they will mark you as a tight player. On the other hand, if you occasionally get into showdowns with weak hands, people will constantly question your wild and unpredictable style of play.

Find out how to manage inclination

Even if you have a solid foundation in poker, it doesn't matter if you're inclined to tip. For those new to the game, tipping over is a negative emotional state, such as anger, irritation, or confusion, which causes you to make bad decisions. This mood can occur when you play live poker both online and offline.

If you're planning on playing serious events like online poker tournaments, tilt is something you should learn to avoid or at least manage. Unfortunately, this isn't easy, and even the best players can fall prey to their emotions from time to time while playing on felt.

Practice, practice, practice

Nothing replaces a good old fashioned experience. This can only be achieved through practice. By getting enough games under your belt and paying attention while playing, you can learn what works and what doesn't and improve your poker performance in the long run. However, you need to be fully tuned - playing hundreds or thousands of hands without focusing on what you're doing will get you nowhere and it will burn through your bankroll like never before!

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