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Are you ready to fly high and try your luck by playing Aviator game? Many players of online casinos have already expressed interest in this game. If you are one of them, you are in the right place.

What is Aviator Game?

Aviator is new kind social multiplayer games, features a growing curve that is prone to collapse. The multiplier scale starts to increase as soon as a round starts. Before the plane takes off, the player must withdraw or cash out their money.

This particular game uses a unique system to determine how your wagers will turn out. This game features an airplane that takes off at a random speed rather than playing symbols and lines. This game has a high likelihood of success because the coefficient ranges from 1x to 100,000x.

How this Aviator game work?

Aviator introduces a unique style of gameplay, it is a very simple game to grasp. You must place your wager during the 5 second preparation period in order to play. To place up to two bets at once, you must act quickly. When the game first begins, an airplane takes off, and until it takes off, its altitude and multiplying coefficient increase. If you collect your winnings prior to takeoff, you will receive the amount of your original wager multiplied by the coefficient shown on the screen. You lose your bet if you don't claim your winnings before the plane takes off. It's that easy!

This game is so much fun that it has become a worldwide obsession. One of the most popular games in the world of online casinos because of the thrills it offers. Check this out on how to play the game.

🚀Place a Bet

To start your game, place a bet and press "BET". You can place 2 bets at a time for higher win.

🚀Watch the Plane

Your bet is multiplied by the aircraft odds showing on the screen.

🚀Withdraw your money

Click on the "CASHOUT" button and take your money before the plane take off.

To win Aviator game, your bets must be 2:1. Place one bet amount of ₹10 and the other is ₹20. The larger wager seeks to cover the smaller wager while the smaller wager seeks to make a profit. The big wager should therefore be cashed out once the odds reach 1:50. In this scenario, you must cash out your ₹20 bet and receive ₹30 back, or same amount you originally bet. Because of this, you are free to try to place a ₹10 second wager in an effort to make as much money as you can.


Now is the time to play the online game Aviator. Take on the challenge of reaching new heights, and when your wager soars into the sky, you will win enormous rewards. Before your bet takes off, get ready to grab the controls of the jet and cash out. Learn more about online casino gaming with the Aviator game in 11ic to advance your online casino experience to the next level!

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