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Gaming is for entertainment at its core. The thrill of risking your hard-earned money, the fun of the game, the anticipation of victory, and finally the rush of triumph. These are the main ingredients that make us want to return to casino table games or stay at our screens to play online casino games and try our luck at online slots.

However, like any fun hobby, there comes a point , where the constant pursuit of excitement turns from harmless fun into a debilitating and often devastating problem. Gaming Disorder, as it's called, is real and can have disastrous effects on your psychological, social, and financial well-being.

If you find that you have to risk large amounts of money to keep up the excitement, that gambling is constantly occupying your mind, or that you often lie to hide how much time you are gambling spend, you may be developing disruption of the game. This requires intervention and you should seek help.

If you haven't reached that point yet but are dreading it, here are tips on how to gamble responsibly.

✅It's Entertainment, Not a Job

This may seem like common sense, but how often do we forget reality in search of fantasy? The simple truth is that if you play with the sole intention of tricking the casino, you lose more on average than you win. What you spend playing live dealer casino games gives you pleasure and excitement.

✅Set a budget

On the subject of entertainment, you wouldn't spend your rent money on movie tickets and roller coasters, would you? The same practice to gambling. Set a spending limit, enjoy the fun and remember it was a great night. And if you win, it's a bonus for you.

✅Set yourself a time limit

How many times have you sat down at slots or a blackjack table and only realized you'd been playing for hours when your gut reminded you that you'd missed a meal or two? Be mindful of the time when playing casino games so you don't lose track and end up overspending or jeopardizing other responsibilities. Use alarms on your phone to warn you when you've reached your time limit.

✅Don't Chase Loses

It can be difficult to say goodbye to a night of gambling when you've been on a losing streak. We often convince ourselves that if we persevere, we can recoup our losses. That's not true. If you are a regular player, remember that there are other ways to win. It doesn't need to be right now. Cut your losses once you hit your budget and come back refreshed and ready when you can afford it again.

✅Don't play when you're upset.

This is similar to the old saying "Don't shop on an empty stomach." We're most vulnerable when we're depressed or sad, and we're less likely to stick to budgets and timelines when we try to distract ourselves from difficult emotions. Gambling, unlike other hobbies like running or binge-watching, can make things a lot worse financially, so it's best to avoid it when you're feeling down.

✅Don't drink or do drugs and then gamble

Alcohol and drugs are active disinhibits and impair judgment in any situation. Dealing with large sums of money earmarked for expenses and basic needs is much more dangerous. We're far more likely to exceed sober limits and venture into irresponsible territory under the influence of recreational substances.

✅Have Other Hobbies

When you find that gaming takes up 100 percent of your free time, you may be developing an unhealthy addiction to it. Balance your free time with other healthy activities to avoid becoming addicted. Do something that matches the excitement you feel when you sit down at the tables or play the slot machines. Preferably something physical that also gets your circulation going, or maybe more mindful activities like meditation or yoga to help manage difficult feelings.

✅Keep your bank cards out of reach

It's child's play. If you're having a hard time resisting the urge to chase losses or giving in to cognitive biases like Gambler Fallacy, then you're better off regulating your spending by restricting access to your bank accounts. This includes keeping your cards out of reach and restricting your banking apps and other banking interfaces.

Register at and get access to a world of resources to keep you gambling responsibly.

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