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Every online casino player dreams of winning the jackpot and receiving a large payout. But what exactly represent a "big win" in a casino? The answer depends on the specific game you want to play.

The following standard guidelines give an idea of what can be considered big payouts for different games.


For real money slots, a big win would be 100 times the bet for a regular win or a jackpot above $ 1,000. Of course, some slot machines offer 100,000x payouts and multi-million dollar progressive jackpots.


In blackjack, a win of 10 times your starting bankroll would be considered a big win. For example, a bet of $100 will result in a win of $1,000.


In baccarat, a big win would be equivalent to winning 10 times your starting bankroll.

How to Win Bigger and More Often in Online Gambling

We cannot give magic advice that guarantees winnings. However, the following tips will help you reduce the casino edge and hopefully win more money in the long run.

✅The odds are stacked against you

The last thing you want to do is be overconfident when betting at an online casino. Just because you know the strategy doesn't mean you will win.

Gaming sites go to great lengths to ensure they maintain a long-term advantage in every game. That said, you want to be realistic about your chances of winning, even as an experienced player.

✅Choose your casino games smartly

You can't go from a blackjack table to a slot machine and expect the same odds of winning. Online blackjack typically has less than 1% house edge compared to 3-5% house edge in online slots.

It is better to choose suitable games and bets to increase winnings.

✅Choose the best tables

Some online casino table games have different rules, variations, and house edges. For example, the house edge for online blackjack can range from 0.3% to 1.5% depending on the rules of the table.

Before playing, consider researching the available rules and variations of a table games. The right play and the right bets increase your chances of winning money.

✅Learn the game strategy

You can maximize your chances by learning relevant table game strategies. Your knowledge of the strategy has a direct impact on your long-term profits.

Don't chase your losses

Nobody wants to end an online gaming session like a loser. However, you don't want to chase losses to break even. This can cause you to lose even more money.

✅Take regular breaks

Playing online can be so much fun that you lose track of time. That said, you should make sure you take regular breaks.

Getting away for a while will make you feel mentally refreshed to make better decisions.

✅Stay away from side bets

Side bets can be interesting if they offer high payouts. However, they are often "sucker bets" due to their high house advantage.

✅Take advantage of casino bonuses

Online casino bonuses are a safety net if you lose your original deposit. For example, a $ 100 bonus would take effect after losing the initial money.

You can withdraw bonus money after meeting the rollover and wagering requirements. Remember, always check the terms and conditions of a promotion.

We recommend taking advantage of casino bonuses whenever possible. You could also use these safety nets if you are planning to play online casino games anyway.

Do you want favorable rules, a low house edge, and potential significant payouts? The best real money online casinos provide all the ingredients for an unforgettable winning session.

Again, no tip or advice guarantees profit. However, the goal is to do everything possible to give yourself a better chance.

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