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If you've ever played in a land-based or online casino, you know the excitement you feel when you collect a whole bunch of casino chips after a well-deserved win. But have you ever wondered how these casino chips became such an important part of casino table games like poker and blackjack?

Below is a comprehensive overview of the invention and history of casino chips, arguably the best known and most widely used casino paraphernalia in the world.

The history of casino chips

The first casinos opened their doors in the 17th century, most of which came from Venice, Italy. Back then it was common to play with cash and this in-game currency remained the same for around 200 years before anything changed. During the early 1800s, and especially during the legendary Gold Rush, some gamers began playing with silver or gold nuggets, as well as metal tokens and small ivory coins.

The popularity of casino table games continued to grow throughout the 19th century and it quickly became apparent that counterfeiting was becoming a problem. After all, counterfeiting these precious "coins" and nuggets was relatively easy compared to counterfeiting cash. Falsehood aside, it wasn't surprising every time a player who had a particularly brutal losing streak would take everything off the table and run away!

For these reasons, the owners of most of the casinos have decided to standardize their in-game currency and create their own branded chips. The chips you were playing with back then were very different depending on which casino you visited. For example, some shavings were quite large while others were very small, and some were made of bone while others were made of wood. Eventually, however, all game chips looked the same no matter where you landed for a game session.

The first standardized casino chips were all circular, white or ivory in color, most being made of pressed clay or sand. Typically, each chip was stamped or printed with its unique value, but over time colors were introduced to help categorize different stake amounts and to avoid confusion during play. Further standardization occurred during the 20th century with the invention of new machines. Using high-pressure mechanisms, it was easy to make multiple chips that were all the same size, shape, and weight. Today, all casino chips are 1.53 inches in diameter, with the only distinguishing feature being the casino brand, which is usually found in the center of each chip.

What does the future hold for casino chips?

Since COVID hit in 2020, many gamers have wondered if casino chips will still be used in land-based casinos. As these tokens change hands frequently, there was a clear concern that these tokens could contribute to the spread of the virus. Despite these concerns, the vast majority of casinos have chosen to keep the chips in play on the casino floor, encouraging all players to disinfect the chips before using them. Players were advised to bring their own disinfectant for this purpose, although most casinos have provided and continue to provide disinfectant even for those who had nothing on hand. At first glance, casino chips are here to stay. The good news is that those worried about the potential risks of playing with real casino chips have the ability to play their favorite casino table games from the comfort and safety of their own home!

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