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Have you noticed how often the dealers change when playing casino table games at land-based casinos? Why does this happen? Want to break your incredible winning streak? Is this a secret casino strategy that increases the house edge? We're here to answer all your questions about casino dealer shifting.

The life of a casino dealer

To help you understand why dealer shifting are a necessity and not just a sneaky casino strategy, let's try to imagine what it's like to be a dealer in a casino. Imagine a job that requires you to watch everyone else's every move. You can't look away, get distracted, or check the time. Your attention must be on the table at all times and on every game or bet that takes place.

Dealing cards and managing bets in table games not only require constant attention from dealers, but also incredible concentration. If you have looked away from the table during a hand or let your mind wander for even a moment, you may be missing out on a crucial detail. This could give cheating players a chance to make their move. Dealers have to work with the pressure to know they are under constant surveillance. If at any time they are caught acting unprofessionally, they may be suspected of conspiracy or cheating.

Dealers need frequent breaks

While professional and friendly dealers make their work seem effortless, their work is stressful and exhausting. Dealers must be multitasking masters. They have to deal cards, place bets, pay out winnings and manage the betting pot. And while they do all of this, they must continue to monitor suspicious behavior and make sure the casino rules are not being violated.

As skilled as a trader is, you will agree that this is not something you can do for a few hours without taking a few breaks. Dealers need to take regular breaks so that they are not overworked and can concentrate optimally. If you see your dealers changing every 40 minutes for a 20 minute break during in-person or live casino games, remember that they probably really need a break.

How often do casinos change dealers?

Dealer rotation varies depending on where you play casino games. Dealers can serve a table for 30-60 minutes before taking a break or changing tables.

Other Reasons Casinos Change Dealers

Knowledge of player and dealer

Dealers are trained to ensure they remain professional when dealing with players. However, being too familiar with players makes it easier for players and dealers to team up to cheat the casino. Dealer rotations reduce the possibility of suspicious activity between players and dealers.

Making games less predictable

Like the players, each dealer is unique. Each of them has a unique way of acting. In roulette, some dealers spin the ball in a distinctive way, also known as the dealer's signature. Changing dealers makes it difficult for players to spot the dealer's signature and predict where a round will end. Although the odds of success with this strategy are extremely slim, switching dealers makes it difficult for players to analyze and identify a dealer's quirks and habits.

Keep players happy

It's good casino etiquette to be friendly with your dealers and tip them well. But even with these unwritten casino rules, customers are sometimes less happy with their croupiers and speak loudly about them.

Many players blame dealers for their bad luck, which means dealers often deal with difficult customers. Changing dealers makes these players happy. Even if they don't like a dealer, they can be reassured knowing they don't have to play with him for too long.

Does dealer rotation affect your winning streak?

Ultimately, casinos don't cheat you when they switch dealers. All casino games have a pre-set house edge that players can research and read before playing. Dealer rotation help casinos maintain this house edge so they don't have a bigger advantage than they should.

It may seem unfair for casinos to switch dealers in the middle of their winning streak. But once you understand that one of the most important parts of a dealership's job is to ensure that no suspicious activity or fraud is taking place, this step makes sense. Many players believe that dealers can "deal with their luck". But the opposite can also be true. If you have a horrible losing streak, the casino will still switch dealers and possibly "change your luck". Obviously, this belief is not supported by science and facts. However, it serves to demonstrate that dealer rotations can also work in your favor when needed.

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