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If you love playing Rummy and want to win money playing it online, we have some exciting news for you: 11ic offers a variety of rummy games that you can play whenever and wherever you like.

Rummy is one of the most played games in India. You'll want to play it again and again because it's simple, enjoyable, and loaded with enough challenge. It’s gameplay is same with the traditional Rummy which is usually composed of 2-6 players.

Play our fun and exciting Indian Rummy game and win big! Here is the rules and guide on how to play Rummy Jili game:

How to Play:

1️⃣ Select a player randomly to begin, and the others play through clockwise.

2️⃣ Each player must pick one card from the closed deck or the open deck and discard it to the open deck.

3️⃣ The player has 20 seconds to choose one card from the closed or open deck and have 20 seconds to discard it.

4️⃣ Definitely 13 cards at the end of every round.

5️⃣ If the 20 seconds over and not pick yet, it will automatically pick one card from closed deck. If you picked but not dropped, it will automatically discard the new one.

6️⃣ If a player arranges all 13 cards in the proper sequence and sets but runs out of time, a valid declaration will be made automatically.

How to Win:

💸Ensure that all 13 cards are arranged in proper Sequence and Sets, then choose your unwanted card and choose "Declare" rather than "Discard."

💸A proper sequence should consist of one pure sequence and one impure sequence, with the remaining sequences consisting of sets of three or more cards of the same suit.

💸Proper Sequence as long as met the requirement, and there is no maximum limit of cards in the group.

💸First Life is a Pure Sequence without any Jokers, but it is still valid for a group of Pure Sequence if the suit of Printed Joker is applicable.

How to get the Reward:

🏆The first valid declaration and click “Declare” will be the winner.

🏆The winner will be determined by who calculated the fewest points when both the open deck and closed deck have been used up and will be calculated instantly through your hand.

🏆Except for the winner, all players have to calculated their points and the reward is the points and bet multiplied.

How Points Calculated:

🔷K, Q, J and A have face value of 10 points each, both Printed Joker and Joker have 0 value, and other cards have point value same as their face value.

🔷If the player formed a pure sequence, the value of cards that are not in sequence will be calculated.

🔷If player formed 2 sequences along with pure sequence, the value of cards that are not in sequence will be calculated.

🔷If player formed 2 sequences with pure sequence and formed another sequence (pure and impure), the value of the cards that are not in the sequence will be calculated.

🔷If a player fails to make a valid declaration and other player accomplish, the other player receives 2 points.

🔷80 points calculated at most.

Uses of Joker and Printed Joker:

🟢Both the Joker and the Printed Joker can be used in place of any card.

🟢All cards with same rank as the card below the closed deck are considered as Printed Jokers.

🟢Cannot take the Printed Joker and Joker that was discarded by the previous player.

Why Us?

11ic offers best-in-class online Rummy experience to its users. Our platform has been designed to offer you a smooth and user friendly interface to play Rummy games. We always keep the experience exciting and new for you by providing high-value tables, entertaining game variations, and exciting cash rewards. First time users can get an exciting welcome bonus.

Furthermore, we ensure that your cash withdrawals are fast and easy! Our platform is safe and secure which ensures ultimate gambling experience. We also have 24/7 customer support in various languages ( English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil) to help you overcome any hurdles you face while playing Rummy game online. So go ahead and Register on 11ic for an ultimate online Rummy experience.

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