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Are you wondering on how to choose the best payment method in India? Then this article is for you. Choosing the most safe and easy way to deposit money may seem challenging, but once you know the different options, you will be confident to deposit money at will.

There are many bookmakers and e-commerce business who offer different payment method in order to ensure that their customers can make quick and safe deposit and withdrawals. Literally, there are dozens of payment method available, and it is just about finding the best one that works for you .

Here are the following payment method available in India


It is a mobile-based wallet payment method which the users can send and receive payments across India. Using Paytm is definitely free of cost and it is genuinely convenient for Indians to use. You can deposit money using Paytm wallet, Netbanking or a bank card if you have this option on your disposal. This is available for both rich and poor, which make it as the best payment method for you.


There is an increasing number of platforms and e-commerce businesses which offer and accept online bank payment. This is good news because a lot of Indians nowadays have access to bank account with online banking features. Making payment using online banking isn’t challenging or pricey as some might expect. It is both fast, convenient and cheap.


If you have VISA or Master card, then that is best and beneficial way to make payment. Preferably, you can use this cards for payment into third party e-wallet or you can also send money to Paytm, Paypal and many more.


This is an eminent payment method which offers the consumers resilience in receiving and sending payments globally. It has the option in receiving payments in more than 100 currencies and send payments in more than 56 currencies. It also have a good characteristics which consist of, direct withdrawals, electronic invoicing and security for online scam.


It was formerly known as Gpay, Pay with Google and Android pay. This is an application-based wallet system which customers can safely receive and send payments. This is application can be used in android devices such as tablets, watches and mobile phones.


It is an online e-wallet which has been about many years. Users can send international payment with the lowest cost and best rates when change of currency. It is the most trusted and safe method when it comes to handling of money. Skrill doesn’t cost anything in deposit, but expect to pay a fee when you withdraw the money.


It is a lot same with Skrill which is literally owned by same company. This method also have payment fee when it comes in deposit and withdrawals.


This is a prepaid card which is available to all Indians and become more prominent around the world.. You can use it for payment or you can buy it online.

Now that you know about the cheapest , easiest and most convenient payment method, you can now get started. Choose a betting site which offer the safest, fastest and secure to deposit and withdraw your money, choose 11IC-the most trusted and safe site for you!

Be Safe, Be Vigilant!

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