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Is IPL Real or Fixed: Exploring the Controversy

IS IPL REAL OR FIXED? by 11ic Blog

IPL is a term that is well-known to all cricket fans worldwide. Having played on the field for over 14 years, this cricket match is typically considered an Indian mid-year festival. In India, cricket is a serious obsession. In this country, people prioritize sports over a wide range of other concerns, with the advent of the IPL serving as justification. Unsurprisingly, throughout the IPL's history, rumors and suspicions have grown around specific matches.

If you enjoy sports, you must concede that examining various aspects of a game is the best way to conclude it. We'll continue in the same vein and try to dispel all kinds of confusion surrounding the question, "Is IPL real or fixed?".

Let's start by looking at some IPL-related myths and seeing how they disprove the notion that the league is scripted or fixed.

IPL Player's Brilliant Effort at the Boundaries

As some have claimed, if the IPL is fixed, what about the most significant boundary save in cricket history? We're referring to Mayank Agarwal, who made an incredible effort to save his team Kings XI Punjab from the formidable Mumbai Indians. No one would have taken a chance at getting hurt to ensure the team's victory if it had been all fake from the start.

Consider this: Would you ever risk your career and your life without a reason if you already knew the outcome of the match?

Spending a Considerable Amount on a Single Player

Why do you think Sam Curran become the most expensive player in the IPL auctions? Punjab Kings bought him for Rs 18.25 crore in the auction. Let me respond to that with the most straightforward possible answer. Franchises spend a ton of money on big-name players to ensure the team benefits.

The Existence of Online Betting

Betting is proof that the IPL is not fixed. If the IPL's result were already known, everyone would have placed bets based on the same odds and never lost. Do you believe it occurs every time a game is played? The answer is again a NO.

Player Injuries

You need to be aware of the injuries if efforts aren't sufficient to support a player's innate competitive spirit. Every season, plenty of players encounter severe injuries that compel them to leave the field. Do you believe that was also included in the script?

So is IPL Real or Fixed? Absolutely YES, it's real, as multiple facts prove the authenticity.


So, have you ever found yourself asking, "Is today's IPL match fixed?" If so, we don't think the thought will bother you anymore.

But if you invest the time to read this article, these questions no longer cloud your thinking. We are aware of the dedicated support that cricket fans have for the IPL, and thankfully, the league is loyal to its viewers too.

Now that you know that IPL is REAL, it is the perfect time to cheer for your favorite team to victory while we at 11ic ensure your winnings. Take part in the online IPL betting here at 11ic and stand a chance to win lakhs of cash. Loaded with ext bonuses and tips to help our users make this IPL season more thrilling and have more chances of winning.

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