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A Brief History of the Indian Cricket Team Jersey

Indian Cricket Team Jersey

Thirty-seven years ago, in 1983, the ODI Cricket was played in 60 rather than 50 overs, and all teams wore plain white Test jerseys. The colored jerseys first appeared later in the year when the Kerry Packer World Series began.

The colored uniform was first used in cricket in the 1986 World Series but became more common in 1992. Since 1992, the Indian Cricket Team Jersey has evolved in color and design.

The Indian cricket team has a rich history regarding their jerseys. Here's a brief overview of how the team's jerseys have evolved:

Early Years

When the Indian cricket team first started playing international cricket in the 1930s, they wore plain white jerseys with a cap bearing the Indian flag. The jerseys had no logos or sponsorship. The Indian cricket team's white jersey was initially similar to other Test-playing nations, with no logos or advertisements. However, sponsor logos started appearing on the jerseys, beginning with the 1985 World Championship of Cricket.


In 1985, the Indian cricket team wore their first colored jersey against Sri Lanka. The Indian Cricket Team Jersey was light blue with the Indian flag on the right chest and the team sponsor's logo on the left.


The Indian cricket team's jerseys were redesigned for the 1992 World Cup. The new Indian Cricket Team Jersey featured a dark blue tri-color stripe on the collar and sleeves. The sponsor's logo was placed in the center.

The 1992 Cricket World Cup, co-hosted by New Zealand and Australia, was the first tournament in which all nine participating teams, including South Africa, wore their respective colored jerseys.


India retained the yellow front theme in the jersey, but the trousers and half of the jersey were replaced with dark navy blue. The stripes on one side of the jersey made it one of the most fashionable Indian cricket team jerseys.


Indian Cricket Team Jersey this year was in dark blue with thin stripes and light blue pants. Other teams took the same approach.


The 1999 World Cup was managed to hold in England and was attended by 12 teams from all over the world.

The Indian Cricket Team Jersey was similar to the one worn in 1996. However, the yellow color was more noticeable this time. The diagonal yellow pattern with a black border ran across the jersey's chest, which was otherwise blue. The collar was yellow again, but the frame was black this time.


The Indian jersey in this World Cup significantly improved over its predecessor. It was well received by fans, as the word "India" was visible on the chest part with a tricolor-striped background. The Indian jersey has dramatically transformed, with blue becoming darker and yellow vanishing.


So far, the 2007 World Cup in the West Indies has been India's worst World Cup experience. Despite being favorites at the start, Bangladesh defeated India in the first game.

The pale blue color has returned to the Indian jersey this year. This is India's neatest jersey to date, with the word "India" written in bold yellow.


India's jersey remained unchanged from the previous edition, with only minor color and position changes. The most noticeable difference was the saffron "India" across the chest.


Nike created the Indian team's World Cup jersey out of 33 recycled plastic bottles to raise awareness about environmental protection. The design was similar to that of the 2011 edition, except for adding a white border.


This was the first time in sports history that a team (India) wore jerseys with their mothers' names on the back. It was done to emphasize the significance of mothers in everyone's lives.


India's jersey for the 2019 World Cup was the most stylish, with dark blue shades dominating most of the T-shirts and pants. The word "India" is still written across the chest.


The 1992 Retro look was revived for 2020's India Tour of Australia. Three stars are embroidered on the Indian Cricket Team Jersey to represent India's victories in three World Cups: the 1983 World Cup, the 2007 T20 World Cup, and the 2011 World Cup.


The latest Indian Cricket Team Jersey features light blue and dark blue stripes on the front and dark blue sleeves. The title sponsors 'Byjus' are boldly printed on the show, and MPL Sports is also printed at the top on the right side. The BCCI logo and three stars representing India's three World Cup victories are featured on the top left side.

The Indian Cricket Team Jersey has come a long way over the years and has become an iconic symbol of the team's identity.

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