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The foundation of Ice Hockey date back to the nineteenth century in Canada in which variations of the modern day and this recreation have been performed in icy conditions. Since then the game has become one of the biggest in the world with major participants that started from North America.


The objective of the game is to hit the puck in the ice ahead then hitting it into a goal using the hockey stick. At any moment the pucks goes into the goal then one point score will be added for that team. The puck can be passed through the player and it’s the duty of the contender team to avoid the other team to make a score. The team with the most number of score will declared as the winner. If the game end on a tie, it will go into overtime then the first team who make the score will be the crowned winner.


The game is performed on an ice field which measured 30 meter in width and by 61 meter in length. The ice rink was split into three main area. The middle or the center section is the neutral zone and has a center circle where the games start. At the both side of the neutral zone are the attacking and defending zones of which are conclude on which team has the puck at the time. In attacking and defending section, both have two end zone faceoff circle and spots. There is a fold which is surrounding the goal and behind the goal is the board section.

Every player will have their own hockey stick with ice skates and a set of padding which include, helmet, face mask, padded shorts, arm guards, gloves and shoulder pads. Each team is consist of maximum of 20 players, this 20 players only 6 may be on the ice at any one time. The rest of the player will be a substitutes but can come and go from the game as needed. The 6 players who will the start the game include a goal tender and outfield players of 5.

The players hit what's referred to as a "pluck”. The pluck is heavy item crafted from dense rubber and weighs kind of 6 ounces. The pluck is hit through both a players stick or foot however at no factor can the pluck be dealt with through any participant apart from the goal tender. Each game will lasts for 3 20 minute periods. For each stoppage in the game the sport clock is stopped and as quickly because the time is up in every duration then the game will right away cease.


1.To begin, the game was started in the circle center with a face off, then the referee drop the pucks in the middle of the two opposing players who is aspiring to win position for their team. The face off may also used to continue play after a interruption in any defending face off zones.

2.To win the puck off their rival, the players may use physical force. They can use body checking but not allowed in the back or above the shoulder.

3.If one of the player who are imposed to have committed a penalty need to leave the ice for 2 minutes and the 5 players will continue to play. If the contending team score a goal within two minutes then that player can go back to the field immediately.

4.The minor penalty include tripping an contender or opponent with a stick, hooking a stick or body checking a player without the puck and holding with whether a stick or hand.

5.The major penalties may result of removing the players from the field for up to five minutes. These penalties include, making serious injury on opponent, fighting, or continues doing of minor violations.

Some of us were not familiar with this game, we can only see a glimpse of this recreation on TV or in any news program and Movies. May this blog can help you know more the Ice hockey game. There are also many online sites which offer these kind of game in their platform to encourage those who are fan of the game to play as well as to earn a bag of money.

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Have a blast and Happy Hockey game!

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