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Online gaming sites are constantly announcing new promotions, offers and bonuses on their platforms. The casino's welcome offer encourages players to sign up and is a great way for players to boost their bankroll with bonuses and deposit matches. If you're not taking advantage of the rewards and bonus rounds while playing, you're missing out.

Read on to see how the casino welcome offers work. We explain the different types of bonuses and some terms and conditions. Then we will show you some great welcome offers that you can get when you sign up to play online casino games.

What are the casino welcome offers?

A casino welcome offer is exactly what it sounds like. It is an offer, promotion or gift that casinos make to new players to welcome them to the casino and thank them for participating. These offers can be a deposit agreement where they match your deposit, essentially doubling your money, or they can be extra money or spins to use on certain games.

Today, there are hundreds of online casinos offering casino bonuses. Do your research and make sure a casino is a legal and safe establishment. Don't deposit your money in a new online casino that offers super high bonuses with no gaming licenses or a track record in the industry.

The different types of casino welcome offers

Welcome bonus or deposit match

Casinos can give you a percentage of your deposit back. They can also match your deposit with a 100% deposit. There are usually limits on the amount you can recover with this offer.

Welcome offer for free spins

Instead of matching your deposit, some casinos give players free spins to use on online slots games.

No deposit bonus

With a no deposit bonus you can earn a bonus amount in your account to play with without making a deposit. All you have to do is create an account at the casino.

Reload Bonus

Nobody said the bonus rewards were for new players only. With reload bonuses, players can get an even bigger bonus on their second, third and even fourth deposit.

How do casino welcome offers work?

Let's see how these offers work and explore the different terms and types of online casino bonuses. The only way to know if a casino promotion is worth it is to read the terms and conditions. The following factors should be considered.

✅Minimum deposit

Sometimes casinos have a minimum amount you need to deposit in order to qualify for the offer.

✅Wagering requirements

This is the most important thing to read before making a deposit for a welcome offer. All welcome offers come with a wagering requirement that players must meet to withdraw their winnings. Reaching your wagering requirements may take some time. With high wagering requirements, it is advisable to choose a casino where you are sure you can play for the long term. This way you won't stop before you can make your first registration.

✅Time limit

Check if your casino has a time limit on how long you can use bonus funds or spins.

✅Payment options

Before you get excited after seeing a generous welcome offer, check out what payment options the casino has for withdrawals and deposits.

✅Betting limit

Some casinos have a wagering limit. This means that you cannot place large bets to run through your wagering requirements.

✅Withdrawal limit

Casinos have minimum and maximum withdrawal limits which are affected by the payment methods used. When a casino allows you to withdraw small amounts, the cost of the transfer is equal to the amount of the withdrawal.

✅Qualifying games

Some bonuses and deposit matches can only be used on certain games. The last thing you want is to realize that your bonus only works on slots and not on live dealer casino games.

With this tip you will no longer make the common casino mistakes that newcomers make with bonuses. It looks like you are ready to get a bonus and start playing.

We look forward to welcoming you to 11IC with a generous welcome offer. We have something for every type of player: a top-notch sports book, the best online casino slots, and a wide variety of casino table games.

Register to place your first bet on our secure and easy to use app or website.

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