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Teen Patti also known as Flash or Flush, is one the most competitive card games that commenced in India. It is played by group of three to six players using 52 card deck without a jokers. The player with the best combination card in his hand wins the game.

How TEEN PATTI played

Teen Patti rules a quite similar to that of 3 Card Brag. Every player need to gets three cards to face down. Before betting, the players must establish the boot amount from each of them and place it in a pot in the center of the table. Boot amount is refers to the minimum stake or bet added to the pot. The dealer also a participant player in Teen Patti games. Whoever wins a hand turn out to be a dealer in the following hand. The player should be seated next to the dealer and manage to play for his/her turn. The player can choose either place his bet without seeing the cards (blind) or after seeing the cards (seen). When he view his card, he can use "chaal" or sort out other option according to the improvement of the game. If he wants chaal, player has to bet twice the present stake if the former player is playing seen. He can bet twice or four times the current stake if he is playing blind.

Teen Patti Card Ranking from High to Low

1. Three of a Kind - also known as Trail or Trio. This is the three cards of the same rank. Example: 7♠, 7♣,7♦.

2. Straight Flush- also popular and known as Pure Sequence. This is the three cards of the same suit in a sequence. Example: 2♦, 3♦, 4♦.

3. Straight - this is known as Sequence or Run. This is the three cards in a sequence. Example: Ex: 5♠, 6♣, 7♦.

4. Flush - also known as color. This is the three cards of the same suit but not in order. Example: 10♠,5♠,3♠

5. Pair - This is the two cards of the same rank. Example: 8♦,8♠,6♠.

6. High Card - If a hand doesn’t have any of the above combinations, in that case, the game is played on the basis of the highest card. Example: A♠, K♦,Q♣.

How to Win in Teen Patti games

  • Always start with a small bets - Teen Patti is a marathon. It is an excellent manner to spread your stake and give yourself many chances to win.

  • Do not be too expressive - never fold immediately when you have bad cards, never be the first to bet if you have good cards. This is too easy to figure out your playing style. Play it smooth and increase your bets if you have a good cards.

  • Do not get emotional - emotional players make unstable decisions that will ultimately end up losing much money.

  • Do not be afraid to lose - Player is not someone who always win. You need to make sufficient money to support yourself.

  • Practice makes perfect - you need to play thousands of rounds before you could achieve a level of success.

  • Set your limitation before start playing - decide how much you are comfortable with losing. Avoid playing using borrowed money, or money need to pay bills, buy food or paying rent.

  • Play Blind - Teen Patti lets you play blind as you like. This means you can increase the stakes even before you or other players have seen the cards.

  • Be prepared for anything - Teen Patti is a game of chance. Do not be shocked by anything.

Start playing using with these tips, and soon you will master many more smart tricks. Teen Patti is a game of a chance nevertheless some amount of strategy should be applied. What are you waiting for? Find a Best Online Casino site which offer Teen Patti games and be the luckiest person to bag amount of Rupees and bonuses.

Remember: If you play Teen Patti online or with friends, it is important to keep a self- control and make proper decisions.

Wishing you a happy playing and more profits!

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