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As the group stage matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar come to an end, the Round of 16 stage coming near. In the first phase, eight groups, ranging from Group A to Group H, were formed from the 32 teams participating in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The top two teams from each group qualify for the Round of 16 of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which marks the start of the knockout stage and features a single-headed round-robin format, with each team playing a times against each other.

Eight teams qualify from the round of 16 and progress to the quarterfinals, starting on 9 December.

How will be the Knockout Stage at World Cup Work?

✅ In the knockout round, teams play each other once, with the winning team advancing to the next round. There are four rounds in total: the round of 16, quarterfinals, semi-finals and the final, which takes place on December 18.

✅ There is also a playoff for third place between the semi-final losers.

✅ In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time, two periods of 15 minutes will be added. If there is still a tie, there will be a penalty shootout to determine the winner.

Group A

💠The Netherlands secured a place in the last 16 with wins over African champions Senegal and Qatar and led Group A despite a 1-1 draw with Ecuador.

💠The reigning African champions started the World Cup with a loss to the Netherlands but turned the tide with a 3-1 win over hosts Qatar and a crucial 2-1 win over Ecuador.

Group B

💠England secured a knockout stage ticket with 7 points as Group B following emphatic wins against Wales and Iran and a goalless draw against the United States.

💠The USA qualified as runners-up of Group B after beating Iran 1–0 in a match clouded by political tensions after drawing with Wales and England.

Group C

💠Argentina regained top spot in Group C with wins over Mexico and Poland following a first loss to Saudi Arabia. They will play against Australia on Saturday.

💠Poland clinched a place in the round of 16 as runners-up in Group C after beating Saudi Arabia, draw with Mexico and losing to Argentina. They will meet France on Sunday.

Group D

💠Reigning champions France lived up to expectations by becoming the first team to qualify for the knockout stages with back-to-back Group D wins over Australia and Denmark followed by a 1-0 loss to Tunisia.

💠Australia secured a place in the Round of 16 as Group D runners-up with 6 points to beat Tunisia and Denmark. They will face Argentina on Saturday.

Group E

💠Japan progressed to the round of 16 as the unlikely winners of Group E after Samurai Blue pulled off two stunning comeback wins over Germany and Spain, losing only to Costa Rica. They play Croatia on Monday.

💠Spain clinched a place in the round of 16 with a loss to Costa Rica followed by a draw with Germany and a loss to Japan. They will face Morocco on Tuesday.

Group F

💠Morocco topped Group F by beating Canada and Belgium after a goalless draw with Croatia, and face Spain on Tuesday.

💠Croatia entered the round of 16 after two goalless draws against Morocco and Belgium and a 4–1 win over Canada. They will face Japan on Monday.

Group G

💠Brazil secured their place in the round of 16 with back-to-back wins over Switzerland and Serbia, followed by a 1-0 loss to Cameroon. They will meet South Korea on Monday.

💠Switzerland secured second place in Group G with a 3-2 win over Serbia and victory over Cameroon and face Portugal on Tuesday.

Group H

💠Portugal finished Group H with a defeat by South Korea but retained top spot when they face Switzerland on Tuesday.

💠South Korea advanced to the knockout stage with a final victory over already qualified Portugal, following a goalless draw against Uruguay and a defeat against Ghana.

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