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Evolution's game library is huge and extensive. The team is always working hard to bring a new experience to its players. However, this also means that the developer is constantly jumping between different types of games. Despite this, the team delivered several entertaining roulette games that broke the mold.

However, with the many games Evolution brings to the market, it can be easy to miss out on these roulette wheels. For this reason, we are going to review the best roulette games that the software provider has recently launched.

Gold Bar Roulette

Gold Bar Roulette is the latest innovation Evolution bringing in the field of roulette. In addition to an attractive setting that lures us into the vault, the game features brand new roulette mechanics. Gold bars give players the opportunity to win big, up to a maximum value of $500,000.

How do gold bars work? The game rewards them as prizes when you get a win. However, not all wins are enough. Instead, only successful bets on a single number will give us a gold bar to use.

Scoring wins produces one or more gold bars. Players can then place these gold bars on certain numbers. If the roulette wheel hits the number you chose, players win 88 times the value of the gold bar. Next to the coin selection, we can see how many gold bars you have and their current value. Each gold bar earns more gold bars.

XXXtreme Lighting Roulette

XXXtreme Lighting Roulette is an interesting case where a variant becomes so popular that it gets its own variant! This version follows in the footsteps of Lightning Roulette and adds new elements to increase the excitement. If the original game wasn't lucrative enough for you, this game's top prize of 2,000x promises a more exciting experience. The game inherits the familiar multipliers that set Lightning Roulette apart from its competitors. The game's random number generator applies a multiplier ranging from 50x to 500x. The multiplier gets up to five numbers at the same time. However, multipliers only apply to bets on straight numbers.

Finally, XXXtreme Lightning Roulette offers the Double Strikes mechanism. It takes the existing multipliers on the board and increases their value! If you're hoping to win the 2,000x top prize, you'll need to be lucky enough to activate the Double Strikes feature.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is apparently Evolution's most popular roulette game. It was the inspiration behind XXXtreme Lightning Roulette and its success inspired the team to experiment with Gold Bar roulette. It was so successful that Evolution and Scientific Games teamed up to bring Lightning Roulette to land-based casinos. This game has been around for years and it still shows that it is good enough to compete with the new additions.

The game takes between one and five Lightning numbers. A multiplier between 50x and 500x is applied to each number. We only benefit from the multiplier if we predict one of those Lightning numbers and the roulette wheel rolls them.

Final thoughts

We recently had the pleasure of playing many Evolution roulette games. In addition to these releases, Evolution has launched many European Roulette games, including the notable Immersive Roulette and French Roulette. The team has also launched roulette variants such as Double Ball Roulette and Instant Roulette.

All of these titles offer something that makes them appealing to gamers. However, their popularity is not at the same level as the three versions we have discussed in detail. Lightning Roulette, Gold Bar Roulette and XXXtreme Lightning Roulette have redefined the number of players who love live roulette games. By including multipliers and gold bars in these versions, casino members can win huge prizes.

If you are looking to spice up your live casino experience, the team highly recommends these games. Try it and you will not regret it!

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