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Teen Patti Live by Evolution is an online casino game released in 2022. It has an RTP of 96.63% with a minimum bet of $ 0.5 and a maximum bet of $ 10,000. Available on both desktop and mobile, the game is a live dealer game aimed at the best casinos in India.

Teen Patti is an Indian version of 3-Card Poker or 3-Card Brag. The goal of the game is to combine cards into small poker hands and beat the dealer. Since it's presented as Teen Patti Live, however, the studio, setting, and some betting options have been designed to attract Indian live casino players.

Live Teen Patti would have been considered a niche product just a few years ago. However, given the size of the Indian market, we're not surprised to see Evolution throwing its hat in the ring. Interestingly, one of the biggest competitors in this game will be Ezugi, a subsidiary of Evolution.

With simple mechanics and addictive gameplay, Teen Patti is a kind of game that everyone can enjoy. If you want to know more about the game and how to play it, our Evolution Teen Patti review has all the information you need!

How to Play Teen Patti Live

Teen Patti is a common game in India. It is a variation of three-card poker, in which poker hands are used to determine the winner. As this is Evolution's first foray into this game mode, there are no major extras or innovative features. It is a simple casino poker game that we know many players will enjoy.

If you're just getting started, here's a step by step guide to playing Teen Patti Live.

1️⃣Ante and Rules

Teen Patti is played with a full sets of cards without Joker and cards are shuffled every rounds. To play Evolution Teen Patti, simply select a table and wait for the next available betting period. All players are connected and share the same hand and there are no limited seats in this game.

First you need to place an ante bet, which acts as a buy-in to the game. If you want to play side bets, now is a good time to do that too.

2️⃣Play Bet and the Deal

The dealer will then place 3 cards face-up on the players side of the table. It also deal 3 face-down cards which is the dealer’s hand. You have the decision to make whether you want to continue playing or fold after you examine the player’s hand. If you are sure and happy with your cards, you have to place a Play bet. This bet always uses the same stake with Ante bet.

You can also Fold in Teen Patti which forfeits your Ante bet but will saves you for many losses.

3️⃣Results and Qualification

The dealer will expose their own cards once you decide to Play and confirm the bet. The two hands are compared and the stronger hands will be the winner. You lose both Play bets and Ante if your hand is weak and if the hands tied both bets Push.

Moreover, two hands only compared if the dealer qualifies which means that you have at least a Queen High card or better. In short, if the dealer not qualify, your Play bet pushes and your Ante bet wins. Furthermore, you will receive an Ante Bonus payout if you win with straight. The ante bonus pays regardless of either your Play bet wins or not.

To make things clear, here is a pay table of possible Teen Patti results

Final Thoughts

Evolution did a fantastic job by improving the game and making it look awesome. This new release is familiar to you if you have played Teen Patti before. Even if you are new, it will be easy for you to learn this game and enjoy what it offers. Our team here at had enjoy playing this game, and we wholeheartedly recommend to try it out!

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