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Draw betting strategy is one of the most underutilized betting systems in the world of football, despite draw accounting for around 25% of total football results. So what does it mean to bet on a draw? And what should you pay attention to when applying the betting system? Read on to learn more.

What are Draw bets?

The draw bets are selections that indicate that a sports match or an event ends without a winner. In short, the two teams score the same number of goals or no goal. This explains why the 1x2 market is often called 3 -way bet.

In most cases, draw bets generally carry better chances compared to the favorites. This makes absolutely useful why a bettor can decide to place bets on draw in a sporting event. However, it is still necessary to better understand the market to know when it is the most viable option.

Draw bets allurement

Like the Win market, a Draw bet can be quite interesting, especially when analyzing the odds. As mentioned above, draw bets usually have better odds than favorites. This means that if you bet strategically on a draw market, you are likely to make a significant payout, so your stake is also significant.

Why does betting on a Tie make sense?

Betting on a tie can make sense after researching and finding out that the odds of two teams ending up in a tie are greater than winning the match. It may also be the only option to consider whether opponents tend to end their games in a draw.

Tips and tricks for a good tie betting strategy

As with other betting strategies, the draw betting system requires the use of tricks to increase the chances of placing winning bets. With that in mind, here are some essentials to consider when using a tie betting strategy. Make sure you apply the ideas whenever you want to predict draws on a bookmaker.

👉What is the probability of a draw?

The importance of the game usually determines the competitiveness of the game. In most cases, teams playing in top leagues like the English Premier League or La Liga are likely to be more competitive than those playing friendly games. Therefore, they will probably record a draw. In this case, it is advisable to use draw betting systems.

👉Rank the importance of the game

This type of bet is similar to the Next Goal scorer bet with a small difference. With this type of bet, you are betting on which team is likely to score the next goal as the action unfolds. For example, if team A is playing against team B, you can bet that team B will score next time.

👉Watch "Under the Radar"

If you decide to place a tie bet as a qualifying bet, you need to look under the radar. Rather than simply analyzing the likelihood of a draw in a given league or looking for low-scoring games in a league, consider looking for a select match that produces many draws.

👉Style of play

Understanding a team's style of play is key when considering draw strategy. For example, you need to know attack power, defense ratio and goals scored. You should also look for goals conceded not just by one team, but by both. It's also crucial that you come to your conclusion about how the event might unfold.

👉Backing the Tie In-Play

You should know that the draw betting market does not only apply to pre-match betting. The betting system is also applicable when placing in-play bets. All you need to do is confirm the odds from the bookmakers and determine the probability of a draw occurring. You may also be surprised to learn that the draw backing can take place in a betting exchange.

👉Compare bookmakers and odds

Always compare bookmakers when deciding to place tie bets. If possible, you should register to multiple bookmakers so that you are not limited. This is the only way to get value bets on the draw markets. Also, check the odd and make sure they are high. Keep in mind that if the odds of draw are high, you will make significant profits if your bet is successful.


Due to its simplicity, the tie betting is probably one of the most popular betting strategies in the online betting scene. The betting system is applicable to various sports and does not require complex analysis. You should also know that it is easier to get big payouts with Draw Betting, especially if you apply the tips and tricks from this article. Finally, you can use draw bets alongside other sports betting systems like Martingale. All these aspects make the betting system ideal for different bettors.

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