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The death toll is expected to increase in a wake of the stampede and riot happened at Kanjuruhan Stadium in eastern city of Malang.

At least 125 people was killed in a stampede at a football stadium in Indonesia and others are being treated for injuries. The incident was considered as one of the deadliest sports disasters in the world.

The death toll was updated down to 125, according to Emil Dardak Vice Governor of East Java, who said that the names were recorded twice. The officials revised lower an earlier figure of 174 deaths.

The war started after the game ended on Saturday evening between the two Indonesia’s biggest teams, the rival Javanese clubs Arema and Persebaya Surabaya. Following the defeat of Arema, the supporters of the team are disappointed and reacted by throwing bottles and other objects at football officials and players. Fans ran onto the pitch in protest and demanded that Arema management explain why the match ended in a loss after the 23 years of undefeated home games, witnesses said.

The riot spread outside the stadium where at least five police cars were set on fire. The police responded by firing tear gas, towards the stadium’s stands which cause panic among the crowds. Tear gas is forbidden at football stadiums by FIFA.

Some fans suffocated and others were trampled while running to the exit to avoid the tear gas. In the turmoil, 34 declared died at the stadium including the two officers and children among the casualties.

According to East Jave Police chief Nico Afinta, the death toll may possibly increase due to many of the approximately 180 injured under intensive treatment at different hospitals are in critical condition.

With 42000 tickets issued for a stadium, the Indonesia’s chief security minister said that the crowd exceeded the capacity in which the stadium can only hold 38000 people.

Indonesia’s football association, has suspended the premier football league Liga 1 due to the tragedy and banned Arema to host football matches for the rest of the session while authorities investigate the incident.

An ad hoc team has been formed by the Indonesian government to evaluate the incident's security arrangements. Internal investigations by the police led to the suspension of several officers involved in the match's security.

Let us pray for the soul of the victims of the tragedy, may this incident will be marks as the beginning of unity and peace among football lovers not only in Indonesia but all over the world. We should all reflect on this incident to make sure that it will not happen again for the future events.

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