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Playing in a casino and gaming of any kind in general - is about seeking an edge that will allow you to win. No matter how big or small an advantage can be, it can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Here in this blog, we've rounded up the casino games that offer the best odds of winning. We don't think you should always expect to celebrate when it comes time to cash out, but we do think these games should ensure the best possible chance of success when it's time to sit down and play.

There is no doubt that table games offer the best odds of winning. While it can be intimidating to compete against other players and the dealer, you have a much better chance of winning at a live table than trying to win at slots.

Blackjack - Chance of Winning: 49%

Blackjack is the most popular game that players participate in, both in person and online. In blackjack, players play against a dealer, with both sides aiming for a score of 21. They choose to "hit" or "stand" to get as close to 21 as possible or to hit 21 straight. When playing blackjack, you have to beat the dealer's hand. The dealer is the only person you need to beat, so while other players can join you, everyone is competing to beat him. Blackjack has the best advantage of winning in any game, with a 49% chance of winning.

The reason why blackjack is so attractive to players is that it is not a game of luck, but rather a numbers-based game. It is the player who decides his fate: there is a "best move" for a player depending on the probability of a particular outcome. In blackjack, the house only has a 1% advantage. All of these factors lead us to believe that blackjack is the casino game with the best odds of winning.

Craps – Odds of winning: around 50%

Bettors also like to play craps to try their luck. This is another dice-based board game. It is one of the roles of the players to roll the dice and the other players place their bets based on what they think the outcome will be. If the dice roll a seven or an 11, the shooter wins. It counts as a "point" if any number other than a seven or an 11 is rolled. The shooter must hit the "point" before the dice roll another seven.

When deciding which bet to place, players who don't shoot have several options, the most common being: will the shooter win the next roll? If you stick to simple craps bets, the house doesn't have a significant advantage over you. If you are betting that the shooter will win their roll, your odds of winning are around 50%.

Roulette - Probability of winning: almost 50%

Another intensely popular casino game is roulette. There are 38 numbers on the roulette wheel, with the numbers 1-36 black or red and the 0 and 00 green. There are only two zeros in American roulette, while European roulette has only one. This wheel is spun by the dealer and then a ball lands on one of the numbers. If you were to bet every spin of the roulette wheel on "black" or "red", there is about a 47.3% chance of winning due to the two green numbers. On European roulette wheels, the odds are 48.7% accordingly.

While betting on roulette numbers for sheer luck can give you a bigger payout, betting on the two suits is the best choice if you want to minimize your losses or maximize your profits.


Choosing the right online casino games can significantly reduce the house edge. You have to choose the right variations and make the right bets to take advantage, so make sure you learn some basic strategies when playing one of these games. With any luck, you can turn these smart decisions into profits.

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