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Crazy Time is one of Evolution's most favorable live game shows. With four additional features and a wheel of fortune, it captivated a large audience and offered a world-class experience. As with any popular casino game, casino members do their best to get huge winnings. To increase their chances, players take advantage of every advantage they can reap: including tracking results.

While it may seem like a good strategy, first appearances can be deceiving. This article examines whether it is worth monitoring the results in Crazy Time and other live dealer games.

Should I Do It?

The answer is No. Not because the statistics are useless, but because most people abuse the information provided. Evolution knows that monitoring statistics is useful. That's why the developer gives you the ability to track that information in the game. Playing Crazy Time shows the results of the previous twenty-one rounds when betting money.

How do people abuse tracking stats? It comes from a belief that many casino members have called the gambler's fallacy. Fallacy believes that a result will happen soon because it hasn't happened yet. Another variation is the assumption that an event is more likely to happen than another event that happened recently.

Let's apply this to the Crazy Time examples to make it easier to understand. Suppose you are following the results of the bonus rounds and you find that Cash Hunt has not been activated for a long time. Gambler's Fallacy would have you believe the bonus is imminent because it hasn't been triggered recently. Likewise, if the game has recently activated the Pachinko feature, the fallacy may lead you to think it won't activate again any time soon.

At first this kind of thinking makes sense. However, ignore the basic reality of casino games - they are 100% random. The lucky wheel doesn't remember what it got in the last round. Instead, each new spin has results unaffected by what happened before.

Yes, the results will become more uniform over time and will achieve the expected results. However, it is wrong to expect that the correction will happen anytime soon. You might get lucky and it will turn out just as you predicted. There could also be two hundred or three hundred spins from now long after you've spent your money chasing a deceptive trend.

What are Stat Trackers for?

The stat trackers help you give some information about the game. For example, let's say you have a tracker that shows Crazy Time bonus round results. This includes how often they trigger, their average winnings, the last time they activated, and so on. This information may help you plan. This helps you learn which Coin Flip triggers the most and Crazy Time has the best payouts. Useful information, but you should not use it to predict the outcome of the next spin.

Is there a Crazy Time strategy?

While stat trackers may disappoint you, you can still rely on strategies to increase your chances of success. Mind you, improving doesn't guarantee success. As with all casino games, Crazy Time is all about luck. By following our guide it will hopefully help you earn some interesting rewards.

The strategy that the team usually uses is simple. Bet money on numbers one and ten to get pulled by the lucky wheel. In addition to these two bets, you bet on all four bonuses. Bets on numbers must cover the cost of that round. This approach gives you decent winning combinations and a chance to win more with special features.

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