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If you want to play several real money games in a casino, you need to register for an account. However, some players choose to trick the casino by registering multiple accounts with fake credentials. While strictly speaking you couldn't get away with it, it is actually a violation of the terms and conditions of the casino rules. Registering multiple accounts is not recommended and is in fact a very bad idea! This is because if the casino finds out what you have done, they have the right to confiscate your winnings, which means you lose your rights. This will happen to you after creating multiple accounts.

Why do some players create multiple accounts?

There can be a number of reasons why a player chooses to open multiple accounts at an online casino. This could be to mislead the casino or for a more misguided reason.

Some players try to trick the casino by registering more than once to qualify for more than one free spins bonus or deposit bonuses. If you look at the terms and conditions of the bonus you will see that this is in fact prohibited and will likely result in you losing one or more of your winnings. A mistaken reason is that a player may have forgotten their login details and decide to register a new one. This is not recommended as it gives you the option of contacting customer service in the event of a problem. If you forgot your password or login ID, you may even be able to reset your data.

Why is only one account allowed at an online casino?

The main reason why a casino operator does not allow a player to register more than one account is bonus abuse. However, this is not the only reason. Today there is a growing awareness of the dangers of money laundering, fraud and gambling addiction and casinos are taking steps to prevent them. One of the ways they can do this is to allow only one player account per IP address and family.

What if you accidentally created multiple accounts?

Sometimes accidents happen and players register a second player account at a casino. This may be because you forgot you already have one if you enjoy playing at multiple casinos online. It's also possible that someone else in your area has previously registered a player account with the same address. The best thing you can do is contact customer support via live chat or other means and they should be able to resolve your issue. Always keep correspondence with the customer support team to refer to it if your profit is refused for example due to a duplicate account.

Do I need to register multiple online casino accounts?

The answer is No. Don't make it overly complicated. If you need more bonuses, there is a genuine method to use. New casino sites are popping up all the time. Why not join them instead of breaking the casino rules and risk getting in trouble later. This option is much better because game operators can be very strict with those who create duplicate accounts.

If you've been playing for long enough and signed up at a lot of casinos, it's easy to lose track of which casinos you've joined before. If in doubt, contact customer service and ask them. They will check their database and see if you have an existing account. Sometimes operators allow customers to register a second time if their old account is deactivated. But you should always contact the casino support first and seek their advice. Also, be sure to back up any emails or chat logs that prove your second account was approved by casino staff.

If you accidentally create multiple accounts, go directly to casino support. They will tell you what to do. If they are convinced that this was not intentional and you have not tried to abuse their rules, they can simply delete one of your profiles and leave another one.

Can Casinos will know you have multiple accounts?

If you think you can easily hide your IP address with a VPN or other software, you're wrong. Although it may not seem obvious, they have technology that allows you to reveal your true IP address. Online casinos have been dealing with this problem for years and have a lot of experience in tracking abusers. Otherwise, they would lose a lot of money.

What's interesting about some abusers is that once they're caught, they don't admit their wrongdoing. They lodge a complaint and accuse the operators of pocketing their money. But that's only part of their show. By doing so, they believe they can force casinos to give them their illegitimate winnings. But that usually doesn't work because the operators can prove themselves right.


If you are wondering how to register duplicate online casino accounts, think twice before actually doing it. All casinos have certain rules to protect themselves from bonus abusers and cheaters. Following the terms and conditions of the site is the best way to avoid restrictions on your account.

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