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Can bookmakers cancel a sports bet without you noticing first? There are numerous reasons why a bet is cancelled and is out of the hands of the bookmakers. Unfortunately, bookmakers can cancel a bet without any problems with the law.

Note that betting cancellations occur when a match is cancelled. When this happens, it is usually a glitch in the system or an error that invalidates the bet. Bookmakers would not cancel anyone's bet if a match went as planned.

When a sports bet is canceled, it neither wins nor loses. Instead, it will become void and your stake will be refunded to you.

What happens if a bookmaker cancels your winning bet? What can you do to avoid this? We answer these questions in this article.

Here are the following reasons for cancelling bets:

Players who don't check if their bets stand a day or an hour before play is usually the main reason, they think an operator would void their bets. To prepare you for that scenario, here are the common scenarios where a bookmaker cancels everyone's bet and why they close winning accounts.

Matches canceled

There is no way to know if an outcome will come true if there is no play. All bets will be officially void or invalid if an official announces that game will not continue as planned.

The match can be cancelled due to many factors, such as severe flooding in the stadium area, which make it difficult for athletes, officials and the public to reach the venue. There could also be an earthquake that could endanger everyone's safety.

Note: There is a difference between postponed and cancelled matches. Postponed matches will not automatically void all bets unless continued within the grace period permitted by Sportsbook. On the other hand, if a game is officially cancelled, all bets will automatically become void.

Technical Errors

From time to time any major website may encounter a glitch. When this happens, it is possible that your bets are affected by this problem.

When it comes to technical errors, it usually means a problem connecting to the server hosting the site. Loss of connection to the server can lead to various errors such as incorrect market prices. These mistakes are common in prop bets. Bookmakers will of course fix this issue immediately and void bets before prices are corrected.

Possible illegal activities

Bookmakers are always on the lookout for suspicious betting behavior on their platforms. If the platform marks your bet in red, the operator will void or cancel it.

Change of Venue

Changing the venue of a game usually means it needs to be postponed. Remember that all bets stand if a match is postponed, as long as it goes well within a sports betting grace period of approximately 12-24 hours.

A change of location will void bets because the sports betting grace period has expired. Unfortunately, most gamblers believe their bets still valid if they find that the game has been moved to another establishment.

Player injuries

Injuries are one of the reasons why bookmakers revise the odds of a market. Injuries are a big problem for bookmakers, especially when they are one of the most successful players in the team. If it is just one person or a few people, the game can still be played as intended and all stakes valid. However, prop bets relying on the performance of an injured player will be canceled.


Staying calm and not panicking is the first thing to do if your bet is canceled despite the scheduled match. Even if the payout on your bet is over $ 10,000, there are no reputable bookmakers small enough to cancel someone's bet to save money. Their reputation is far more valuable than money as they need it for others to bet on their platform.

The second step is to contact customer support via Live chat. Cancelled bets may be due to an error in the system that a operator did not anticipate. Your best chance of validating your winning bet is to go through the support team of a sports betting site. An agent or employee will work closely with the people who operate and maintain the platform to assist you.

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