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With great risk, great rewards can come. High rollers know that big bets don't guarantee returns, but casinos will treat them like royalty as long as they aim for the moon.

Betting enough to get into the high roller often gives you access to VIP programs, special promotions, and personal account managers. But how do you know which online casinos are legitimate? Don't worry. We've got you covered.

High rollers earn all kinds of perks. Land-based casinos are rolling out the red carpet with private jets, limousines, and hotel suites, and online casinos have ways to indulge the elite too.

Higher deposit limits

Deposit limits aren't always set in stone. If a VIP player contacts a site, he can often negotiate higher deposits.

Higher payout limits

The same for withdrawal limits. Online casinos work with whales to fold the maximum payout rules for players with high stakes.


As they move in the lines, all the possible advantages for players, such as access to exclusive VIP bonuses and reward programs, open.

Committed customer service

High rolls have often committed customer service employees who are assigned to their accounts to support them directly.

Best casino games for high issues

VIPs have favorite games they like to play again and again. The three most popular casino games attract high-stakes players, both for odds and entertainment.


It is no secret that blackjack has one of the lowest house advantages of any casino game. This, coupled with the fact that it often has high betting limits, makes it an obvious choice.


Baccarat is another game with a low house advantage. It usually has a higher maximum bet and, as it is a fast game, players can win more in a short amount of time.


Roulette is elegant and usually has a wide range of limits. The game moves quickly and doesn't require a lot of strategy, which makes it popular with VIPs.

Who is considered a high roller in the casino?

High rollers are described by the way they bet. Typically, someone who wagers $ 100 or more on a table game or more than $ 25 per spin on a slot machine is considered a high roller. But it takes more than one session to reach this state. You have to constantly make great deposits, impressive commitment and large payout to demonstrate a casino that you are really a whale.

If you are a gambler with a high bet, you probably have high expectations and you want to look for casinos that meet your needs.

Do not look beyond our online casino proposed with high roller for VIP treatment. They have the best limits, safe bank methods, selection of quality games and many advantages that belong to your state. The luxury prizes await you, then Sign up now at 11IC our recommended game sites today!

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