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Andar Bahar is an Indian card game that is said to have started in Bangalore in the southern province of Karnataka, and it is likewise known in Tamil as Mangatha or Ullae Veliyae. It is a game of pure possibility in which the dealer puts a card face up and the player bet on one of two cards the Andar and Bahar represent "inside"and "outside" in Hindi. This game is very simple and easy and become popular in live casino recently. The fundamental explanation behind this present game's popularity is its simplicity, although the reason of the game actually makes it extremely energizing to play.

How to Play Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar games start by the dealer giving one face-up card which he or she places in the middle table in front of the player. The aim of the game is to guess on which side ANDAR (left side) or BAHAR (right side) , which the following card with same value will appear. From that, the dealer continues with giving one card at the time on each side of the table until a card with a same value as the game card is handed out. In the event that the player put down his bet on Andar and a similar valued card is dealt on Andar, he wins. In any case, if the player bet on Bahar side, he loses.

Tips and Tricks to Win Andar Bahar game

* Check for Variations- at live casinos, there are a few live dealer Andar Bahar variations. Some is offering the traditional game, and some presents new features such as additional bets and side bets. First, you need to know more the rule of the game before you can set your stakes.

* Be Smart in placing your bets- Andar Bahar is a game of chance, you need to begin with small bets first. You can adjust your bet into big amount once you already know the tricks. In any case, you will be cheerful when you win and not so pitiful when you lose.

* Use the Martingale Strategy- this strategy is best applied to either Andar or Bahar. You have a 50/50 possibility of winning if you use the strategy effectively. In this strategy if you lose you need to double your bet after. Every time you win, go back to your initial bet amount. Always check your balance if sufficient and accept if you lose.

* Manage your bankroll- Andar Bahar are appealing and fascinating and expect players to be fast while making bets. Manage your money like a star and you will have less problems than most online gamblers.

* The last step is to become aware when to stop. We all know it is the hardest part, however I suggest, don't be selfish and walk away when you have won a decent amount of cash.

If you follow this piece of advise, you will become an excellent Andar Bahar player and a honest gambler with a lot of earnings.

To play Andar Bahar online with real money, is the most exciting and energizing game you can do online. You have a great chance to win large amounts of money if you place your bet correctly. Register and Join Andar Bahar game online in 11ic website and start playing now!

Play responsibly! Good Luck!

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