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For those who are not familiar with Soccer game, this blog is for you. I am writing this article at the best of my knowledge to give information all you need to know about Soccer.

What is Soccer?

A soccer is a game which played by 11 players against another player of 11 on the field. Each team has one goalkeeper and the other 10 is outfield players. The outfield players are specially assigned in attacking and defending the team. Mostly, the team is split into, midfielders, forwards and defenders so there is no hindrance to the players to move anywhere on the field.

Soccer has a full name of Association Football, in America it is well-known as "Soccer" but it is called "Football" in most country around the world.

Who are those countries play Soccer?

As we all know, soccer is famous and popular sport around the world. There are 250 million people in more than 200 countries play this game. It is specifically famous in Europe, Africa, South and Central America and also influence other countries like North America and Asia.

What does the Soccer field look like?

Soccer is played in rectangular field called a "pitch" with a goal on both end. In an International adult category matches the size of the field can be between 70-80 yards wide and 110-120 yards long. And usually the playing surface is a grass.

What is the objective of Soccer game?

The aim of the game is to move the ball up at the field and beyond the goal line of the challenger’s goal. The game will last for 90 minutes and split into 2 halves of 45 minutes as the standard time. If any of the team in the pitch make a goal it will added one to the their total score, and if the opponent send a goal into their own goal by mistake, the team also get a goal. To declare the winner, the team with the most number of score within 90 minutes is the winner.

What is foul in Soccer game?

Soccer game has 17 rules which known as Laws of the Game, and the 10 outfielders are forbidden to touch the ball by hand or arms, only the goalkeeper can touch the ball only inside their penalty area. If the goalkeeper leaves their area, they may subject to the rules same as the outfields player. Tripping, pushing an opponent and handling the ball deliberately is also punishable either by direct free-kick, this means the attacking team can score easily if the referee signal to play continue which is taken at the place where the foul happen. Other fouls is penalized by indirect free-kick, this means one of the attacking team must touch the ball before a goal can be scored.

What Soccer players wear?

All the outfielders player of a team wear same shorts, shirts and socks, while the goalkeeper is assigned before the game started and wear different color of short, shirts and socks. All players need to wear boots with studs to improved the grip on the field, and a designed gloves for the goalkeeper to improved their grip on the ball.

Yellow card and Red card mean in Soccer

If the referee thinks that the player commits serious violation, the referee show the yellow card or red card. A yellow card sign as a warning known as "booking", if the same person or a player execute a violation that referee thinks deserve a second yellow card, that person is also shown a red card. If the player shown a read card, he need to leave the field or pitch immediately. This player shown a red card without showing the yellow card, and if the referee thinks that this player commits offense was serious enough.

Who organized the Soccer World Cup?

FIFA or the International Federation for Football Association organized the World Cup every four years, 2 years after or before the Olympic Games and UEFA’S EURO’S, which is open to national team from around the globe.

How to bet in Soccer?

There are many ways to bet on Soccer games, with many Sportsbook offering hundreds of market on every league around the world. Money line is the most famous type of bet on Soccer, aside from Money line you can also bet from player props bet and on various team, such as player or team to score first, total number of goals, correct score, half time or full time and many more. Simply go to your favorite Sportsbook, click the Soccer tab and select your team to bet.

When it comes to betting soccer online which is more available nowadays, you can watch live match and bet at the same time without leaving your home. With most Online Sportsbook around the world which offer a wide selection of soccer betting, check out the Best Online Site for Soccer, which offer unlimited promos and bonuses. Join us now and start playing your favorite Soccer team online.

With this piece of advise and information, I hope this blog help you to know more about Soccer games. Please keep updated for more upcoming news and updates in this blog.

Keep playing and more profit!

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