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3 Card Rummy is also known as Vegas Three Card Rummy. It is a variation of poker and is very popular in casinos and online games. A standard 52-card deck is used in 3-card rummy. The object of the rummy 3 game is to score points lower than the dealer. To achieve this, your card value must be lower than the dealer's cards. Then you can win the bet.

The 3 Card Rummy Rules

It is mandatory to place the Ante bet (the Ante bet is the first bet you must make before cards are dealt to face the dealer).

✅ The bonus bet is optional. It is paid according to the total points of your hand. If your points are less than 12, you win the bonus bet. Unlike ante bets, you don't have to beat the dealer to get paid.

✅ You and the dealer are each dealt three cards.

✅ Your cards are dealt face up and the dealer's cards face down.

✅ You can fold or bet

✅ If you choose to bet, the dealer shows his cards

✅ Ace is the lowest card

✅ The person with the lowest card wins the bet.

3 Card Rummy card values

2-10 - Face value of card

K, Q, J - 10 Points each

Ace (A) - 0 Points

3 of a Kind - 0 Points

2 card suited run - 0 Points

3 card suited run - 0 Points

Possible hands in 3-card rummy

The rules of 3-card rummy are absolutely worth knowing. Pairs and sets are terms used to describe two or three cards of the same suit. When these cards are revealed, their value is reduced to 0. The example will give a clear understanding:

3 - 3 ♠ - 3 = 0

2 ♠ - 5 - 5 ♣ = 2

7 - A ♣ - A = 7

Suited runs

A suit run in 3 rummy occurs when your cards are ranked by suit, two or three. These also have a value of 0. The example is the following:

4- 5- 6 = 0

7♠ - 10♠ - Q♣ = 10

1- 2- 8♠ = 8

Tips for winning 3 card rummy

You only have to bet if your card point total is 20 or less

If the value of your hand is 21 points or more, you'd better fold.

Also remember that the dealer's card value must be 20 or less to qualify.

If your hand is 20 or higher, you can only win if the dealer does not qualify for the hand. In that case, your chances of winning are very small and even if you win, you only get the ante bet. So it is better to fold.

It is a good idea to place a bonus bet. If your score is 12 or less, you can win more. The odds of getting 12 or less are comparatively higher.

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