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After almost a month of uninterrupted soccer tournament, the 2022 World Cup is now all set for its grand conclusion.

The 32-team field now consists of two countries competing for the prestigious trophy.

What is the World Cup?

The World Cup is a soccer tournament held every four years where countries from around the world compete for the title of best team in the world.

Where was the World Cup takes place this year?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup was held in Qatar, the smallest country to ever host the tournament.

Which 2 countries will play in the World Cup final?

It would be Argentina (third place in the FIFA world rankings) and France (fourth place).

Considering the quality of the two respective teams and the obvious star power, this is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated World Cup finals in recent memory.

When and what time is the World Cup Final?

The World Cup Final will be held at the Lusail Stadium on December 18, Sunday at 8:30 PM IST in India.

Where can I watch the World Cup Final?

How Argentina get to the final?

Argentina's run to the World Cup final began with one of the most shocking setbacks in the tournament's history. After losing their opening match against Saudi Arabia, Argentina bounced back with a pair of 2-0 group stage wins to finish as No. 1 in Group C.

In the knockout stage, Argentina defeated Australia, the Netherlands and Croatia to reach the final.

Argentina's incredible run to the final begins and ends at the feet of Lionel Messi, the 35-year-old phenomenon selected as the greatest footballer in the history of the sport.

If Argentina wins the final, it will be the perfect seal on the career of a legend. If Argentina loses the final, Messi, arguably the greatest footballer of all time, ends his international career on the edge of the abyss.

How France get to the final?

France's run to the World Cup final began with typical dominance, with definite victories over Australia and Denmark in the group stage. The country's only defeat came against Tunisia in a match that had no impact on the French side.

In the round of 16, France beat Poland, England and newly promoted Morocco to reach the World Cup final for the second consecutive year.

The situation is different in France, the country who won the last World Cup in 2018.

France is led by Kylian Mbappe, a 23-year-old full-fledged superstar leading the next generation of footballers. Mbappe has scored five goals at the 2022 World Cup, tied with Messi for the tournament lead.

After all, France have reached the final in four of the last seven tournaments. A third World Cup is within reach for the French side.

Which country will win the final as favorites?

France, but bettors didn't ultimately give the defending champions the lead.

Compared to previous final matches, France vs Argentina is the closest we've seen in perhaps two decades.

Will Argentina or France be crowned champions today? Keep updated and watch the live streaming of 2022 FIFA World Cup Final only here at

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