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Many inexperienced players, or those new to sports betting, may look at the markets available and wonder what is the 1X2 bet?

Well, 1X2 betting are particularly popular in football and involve betting on the outcome of a match with three possible outcomes: home win, away win and draw.

This market is also known as Full Time Score, Match Betting or Three Way Bet.

How does a 1X2 betting work?

If you are still confused, here is a more detailed explanation and example.

Basically, the three results of a game between two teams are represented by 1, 2 or X. This means that 1 represents a home win, 2 represents an away win and X represents a draw.

Let’s take the Final game of the 2022 World Cup between Argentina and France as an example.

In the full-time results market, Argentina is represented by the 1 as they are the home team. France is the away team, so they are represented by 2, and the draw is X. If the odds, let say that Argentina is the favorite with 1.36. France are the outsiders, with odds of 8.50, and the draw costs 4.75.

This means that, with a stake of 100, a bet on Argentina to win would pay 136 if they win. A win of 850 is possible for France, while a draw would net 475 if the game ends in a tie.

1X2 betting is also sometimes available on handicap bets as long as there is a possibility of a tie

To make significant profits on 1X2 bets, knowing the details is essential. The following betting tips will give you an extra edge on 1X2 bets.

🔷 First, don't rely on football betting alone. There are other sports like ice hockey that you can bet on with 1X2 bets and get huge winnings. Betting on different sports makes it easy to get more wins because you diversify. The more you bet on different sports, the more 1X2 bets you get.

🔷 Check the sports predictions of the market you are betting on. Follow popular teams you want to place bets on. Place bets based on team data to find the most promising ones that will end up giving you consistent winnings. You can create a betting pattern based on team performance and decide whether to bet on the first half or the second half. The more information you have, the better for your 1X2 bets.

🔷 Take advantage of betting bonuses. Many bookmakers tend to offer free bets as loyalty bonuses for players and most of the time these bonuses come with a 1X2 market prediction.


1X2 betting is one of the best betting markets in the betting industry. It is the most versatile and offers much more than the other types of bets. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. As a player, you will enjoy the experience and benefit from the good payout that is coming. Being easy to understand and making bets from simple predictions, 1X2 betting is the best way to make lucrative profits without spending too much. Good Luck!

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